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Long live the 80's

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Give me romantic suspense stories that bring the emotion.

Anyone else make their own mix tapes back in the day?

Anybody else blank on their kid's birthdate when the nurse asks you at the annual checkup? In my defense, I have four children all with similar numbers in their birthdates. And I've never been a great numbers girl to begin with.

But you get a rock ballad from the 80's, a Journey or REO Speedwagon song playing, and I'll remember every word!

Songs and art tap into our emotions and make a deeper impression on our memories.

I think stories are the same way.

Songs and art tap into our emotions and make a deeper impression on our memories.

I'm not much of a detail person, but I will remember what a story made me feel. The deeper the emotional connection, the more I will remember it.

Francine Rivers does a phenomenal job of tapping into a reader's emotion. I'll never forget the first time I read Mark of the Lion series, when I thought a beloved character had died. I grieved like she was a real person!

In the romantic suspense books I read, I appreciate those that can draw me into the story and give me all the feels. Some are masters of the intricate plot, always keeping us readers guessing. And that has its own appeal, but I'm drawn to those that can take me on the emotional journey too. Dani Pettrey and Susan May Warren are two authors that do this so well.

I've started Warren's Montana Marshall series with the recently released Knox. I'm already hooked. And I'm impatiently waiting for Pettrey's new series The Coastl Guardians coming out this summer.

What books did you find unforgettable because of the emotional journey they took you on?

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