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Through Every Danger



This book is a collection of four stories from four different authors. Here's a little bit about my story, Swept Away.

California science teacher and ocean lover, Malani Davis, is only stepping in for another surf instructor. However, she’s not sure this Minnesota deputy, Lukas Berglund, has what it takes to catch waves. Who shows up to the beach in cowboy boots?
But when Luke saves her life, she realizes he’s more than capable and accepts his help in her search for her foster sister. Besides, he won’t be sticking around, so maybe she can keep guard over her heart, and they’ll find the missing teen quickly.
Instead, it will take the help of their friends and a whole lot of courage to face their worst fears and survive as they’re swept away in a wave of danger.

This is only Book #2 in the Summer Heat 2023 Collection. Click the cover image to read about the other amazing stories in this three-book series. For one low price you can buy all three ebooks for a total of twelve full-length stories!

Genre: Romantic Suspense Collection
Release Date: July 18, 2023

Once Upon A Winter Wonderland

A Deep Haven wedding at Christmas? With snow glistening in the lane, sleigh bells ringing, and all the world a winter wonderland—magical, right?

Or maybe not, because the snowstorm of the century has buried their small town, and as Vivien Calhoun and Boone Buckam fight the sleet, snow, and ice, just about everything can—and does—happen to skid their big day into the ditch. It’ll take all their friends—and a few strangers—to turn this Christmas wedding from a blizzard to a beautiful sight in this charming collection of novellas.

Discover four enchanting stories featuring old friends, and new, who discover that there just might be a happy ending waiting in this winter wonderland—if only they can shovel their way out of trouble.

Genre: Contemporary Romance (Christmas novella collection)
Release Date: October 9, 2022

Hidden Ranch Peril

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 26, 2022

The key to solving a kidnapping…
Lies buried in her past.

After witnessing her aunt’s abduction, veterinarian Talia Knowles will do anything to find her—even as the kidnappers set their sights on her. But missing memories from her past might hold answers she didn’t know she had. And relying on neighboring ranch hand and ex-marine Noah Landers could be the key to finding her aunt and discovering the culprit’s true motives

Crazy For You

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 25, 2021
Series: Deep Haven Collection #3

The problem with being related to everyone in town is that there is no one left to date…until now…but will this outsider survive his family?

Right Here Waiting

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 9, 2021
Series: Deep Haven Collection #6

She doesn’t belong in his world—but she’s determined to try.

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